As of 2015-07-05, this product is no longer being sold or updated.

Flexible automation for anyone.

BM is an ever growing set of modules, designed to work together with the purpose to bringing the power of flexibility and advanced functions to the user at an affordable price.

Use BM to:

BM Tool screenshot

  • Turn off devices when you leave your home to save power.
  • Turn on/off the lights according to a schedule, with optional conditions such as the measured amount of light, day of week etc.
  • Read temperatures from multiple devices (wireless and wire-bound) and present these values in a graph.
  • Control your car heater based on temperature and time.
  • Send and receive SMS and e-mail – Control other devices through SMS/e-mail and receive status information directly to your mobile device.
  • Play sound files.
  • Use text-to-speech to make announcements.
  • Control other applications based on events.

These are only a small number of examples that you can use BM for; you can probably come up with a dozen more.

Please feel free to read through the documentation and visit our forum, should you have any questions.


 Brief description of available modules


With support for a range of 1-Wire devices, this module enables control of 1-Wire networks.

databaseDatabase Storage

A general-purpose module that acts as a slave to other modules, enabling easy storing in one or more databases. MS SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite are supported.

chart_curveGraph Generator

Provides an extensive set of configuration options for generating graphs based on gathered data. Visualize the in- and outdoor temperature to see how they related are to eachother. Add run-statistics from your heating system to further analyze the relations.

Husdata Gateway

Connect your heating pump to BM and receive a lot of information, such as temperatures, statuses, alarms etc.

email Mail Gateweay

Send e-mails with status data or receive an e-mails and activate a function based on the contents of the message.

MQTT Bridge

Allows Tags to be translated to/from MQTT messages, enabling integration with MQTT services and clients.

connect Network Binder

Connect multiple instances of BM to build distributed system.

house RaZberry Gateway

Control your Z-Wave devices using a RaZberry mounted on a Raspberry Pi.

bullet_feed RFXtrx Gateway

Control your RF devices using RFXCOM’s RFXtrx USB device. A large range of devices are supported and more can be added on request.

pill Rule Engine

The pill that may solve all your automation challenges! Using a wide range of existing components, you visually combine them into a schematic to build the functionality that you need. Or, you can build your own components from the already existing ones for reuse in other schematics. Thanks to the architecture of BM, you can easily integrate different kinds of events with each other such as xAP, XMBC & RF devices, just to name a few.

phone SMS Gateway

Use a mobile phone or dedicated GSM modem to send and/or receive SMS. Just as with the Mail Gateway, this can be used to send information or to control parts of the system.

sound Sound

Play sound files based on events. Let your computer speak using Text To Speech.

AppIconStarSwitch King Bridge

Easily Integrate BM & Switch King to utilize the strengths of both systems.

bricksTag Storage

Provides synchronization and a non-volatile storage for Tags, a concept used in the Rule Engine to abstract hardware into logical functions.

Example: A hardware input device is transformed it into a function such as “Elizabeth is home” or “Roy has left the house”.

ipod_cast Tellstick Gateway

Control your RF devices using Telldus’ Tellstick/Duo device.

cog User Module Engine

Are you in a hurry and don’t want to wait for a certain feature to be implemented? If you have the skills to implement it in C#, then this module is for you – build your own mini-module on top of the existing BM-framework.

server_link WebAPI

Take your system to the web! Host your webpages directly in BM and use AJAX or other technologies to read and control your system from the web.

server_connect xAP Gateway

Integrate xAP devices with your system. Supports the BSC schema as native components, but can also read/write custom xAP messages.

LogoXBMC Bridge

Control Xbox Media Center or react to events from it. For example; automatically pause the movie when someone rings the door bell.


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